The Hunter’s Green MGA exists to plan and promote golf events and golf related social activities for the benefit and enjoyment of MGA members.

MGA Tournaments

2019 Board of Directors

  • Ed Pike – President
  • Jeff Marron – VP
  • Mike Culumber – Treasurer
  • Tom Raad – Secretary
  • Bill Baugh
  • Jay Molino
  • Scott Williams
  • Jim Dunphy
  • Kevin Bray

What is the Hunters Cup?

The Hunter’s Cup is the yearlong Chase for the Hunter’s Cup – basically it is the Hunter’s Green version of the PGA Tour’s Fedex Cup.

Points for the Hunter’s Cup are allotted based on the total NET SCORES from each of the 6 MGA events and 2 Club Hosted events – the Member/Member and the ClubChampionship. Bonus points are given out to Gross Winners and Flight Winners in events that feature different flights. There is an award for the series Individual Champion which goes to the player who finishes in 1st place after the season ending Tour Championship
limited for those who made the Top 24. Only 6 of the 8 scheduled events will be scored for points so you need not play in every event. More points are allotted to the Majors,
which include the Winter Classic, the Member/Member, Tough Day and the Club Championship.

The cost is only $85 to participate in the Hunter’s Cup. This represents a separate fee from the standard MGA dues. If you played in 2016, you will be automatically enrolled in 2017, unless you choose to opt out. If you would like to sign up to play in the 2017 Hunter’s Cup and did not participate in 2016, you can sign up simply by calling the Pro Shop (973-1700).

The fees for the Hunter’s Cup go to payouts for the Top 10 players at the end of the season, the year-end party and most importantly, paying the FULL COST for the winning team of the Pinehurst Qualifier to travel and play in the Club Corp Championship at the esteemed Pinehurst Resort.

Allocation Table

Points Major Minor Minor Alt
1st 600 500 300
2nd 330 300 165
3rd 210 190 105
4th 150 135 80
5th 120 110 65
6th 110 100 60
7th 100 90 55
8th 94 88 50
9th 88 75 45
10th 82 75 40
11-20 50 45 25
21-30 40 35 20
31+ 15 10 10
Flight Winner 20 10 10
Horse Race 10    

Since all results are based solely on NET SCORES and you do not need to play in all of
the events, there is no reason not to participate.

If you have questions regarding the Hunter’s Cup, or your MGA. Please visit the MGA
Website. If your questions are not answered there, please feel free to contact any one of
the board members listed on the website.